How System Restore Works on a Computer


computerComputers running on Windows operating system have a feature known as system restore. This allows users to take their computer system back to a previous time period when the system was used. This feature is used when a correction is needed in the software or if content needs to be retrieved. The feature can be helpful in certain situations and even if you are not computer savvy you can learn to use it fairly easy. Other computer operating systems offer this similar feature.

How to Access Feature
Most computers have a menu tab or list menu to click that can be selected. This should take you to the option of system restore. When you find the option, click on it. It may offer additional information such as reminding you about any open programs or potential mistakes to avoid before proceeding. You may be asked about an earlier point in time to restore information from. Any difficulties experiences can be reviewed with an expert technician or tech support personnel.

Knowing When a Restore Point Is Created
There are a few aspects to know about restore points. The computer will create one when you complete a system restore command. The user can also create a point based on a date they choose. The date can go back a few weeks depending on the operating system. Understanding this feature is important and it can help maintain the health of your computer especially if something goes wrong.

Bypass Viruses and Restore Changes
In many situations restoring a computer system is necessary to recover or backtrack from changes made that went wrong or unintended. For example, reconfigurations, software program installations and even viruses can be erased when you restore your system to an earlier point before they occurred. Using this feature can help save your system. A virus can do serious damage but restoring your system to an earlier point could possible help reverse damage. There are times reconfiguring a computer may not go as planned. Restoring your system to an earlier point may help correct or undo actions related to reconfiguring data.

Consider Backing up Data
Even though system restore is a helpful task it is suggested system users should backup their systems. This offers valuable benefits and it may save money later. Some the use system restore feature may actual lose data at some point in the future. Creating a backup for data reduces risk of losing information even if a computer crash occurs. There are different options to consider depending on the amount of data and purpose. Businesses may look into options that let them backup large amounts of data. Such options may include online options. For personal backup systems there are external drives to connect to your system. Users can also go online to save information they know will accumulate in the future such as photos, home videos and financial data. Some experts suggest having a backup system to rely on instead of system restore. The restore feature can be reserved for making corrections or retrieving data.